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These are some of the links of companies & businesses a surveyor or a member of the public dealing with surveying may find beneficial.

   Link   Association of Consulting Surveyors New South Wales
The Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW was established in 1969 to represent the interests of the private sector of the surveying and spatial information industry of New South Wales and promote the provision of services of the highest quality
   Link   Institution of Surveyors Victoria
The Institution of Surveyors, Victoria is the peak professional association for Land Surveyors in Victoria, existing since 1874.
  Link   Lassi
   Link   SMES (Survey Markes Enquiry Service)
Locate Survey Marks
  Link   Surveyors Registration Board
The Surveyors Registration Board is responsible for examining the competency of surveyors for Registration and Licensing. A Register of all Registered and Licensed Surveyors is maintained by the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria to be reviewed
  Link   Land Victoria
Government information and services about land and property anywhere in Victoria
  Link   Work Safe
Australia's national body that leads and coordinates national efforts to prevent workplace death, injury and disease in Australia.
  Link   Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute
The Spatial Sciences Institute (SSI) is the national body combining the professional disciplines of surveying, mapping, engineering & mining surveying, remote sensing & photogrammetry and spatial information.
  Link   Victorian Spatial Council
The Victorian Spatial Council was established in September 2004 under the Victorian Spatial Information Strategy 2004-07. Its members represent the peak spatial information associations for business, government, academia, the professions and key...
  Link   Surveying Taskforce: A Life Without Limits
Surveying defines the world we live in and what belongs where. It offers a unique professional experience working both outdoors and indoors within a vast array of environments. From satellite mapping to urban development to resource exploration...
  Link   Consulting Surveyors National Consulting Surveyors National represents the private sector of the land surveying profession in Australia.  It  recognises  Surveying businesses strong heritage and diverse skills, that have led to the evolution and growth of new disciplines. CSN embraces the broader definition of Surveying and the environment within which surveying businesses operate. 
  Link   Association of Land Development Engineers
ALDE provides a forum for professional engineering consultancies engaged in the Land Development industry.
  Link   Urban Development Institute of Australia
The Urban Development Institute of Australia (Victoria) (UDIA) is an independent association of private enterprise organizations directly involved in the production, financing and marketing of all facets of property development.
  Link   Planning Institute Australia
The Institute itself was founded in 1951 and is today the only National organisation representing qualified urban and regional planners in Australia. PIA (Vic) plays key roles in promoting and supporting the planning profession within Victoria and ad
  Link   VicRoads
VicRoads serves the community by managing the Victorian road network and its use as an integral part of the overall transport system
  Link   Law Institute of Victoria
The Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) is the state's peak body for lawyers and those who work with them in the legal sector. The LIV supports people who work in the law, championing excellence and promoting the image of the profession in the community
  Link   Master Builders Association of Victoria
The Master Builders Association of Victoria (MBAV) was established in 1875 and represents the professional and industrial interests of Victoria's building practitioners. It is an advocate on behalf of the industry to all tiers of government.
  Link   Victorian Planning & Environmental Law Association
Victorian Planning & Environmental Law Association (VPELA) is a Multidisciplinary Professional Association which draws its membership from professionals related to planning and the environment.
  Link   Copyright Agency Ltd
Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) is an Australian copyright management company whose role is to provide a bridge between creators and users of copyright material.
  Link   Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce & Industry
The Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI) is Victoria's most influential employer group, servicing over 25,000 Victorian businesses per annum. An independent, non-government body, VECCI was started by the business community to
  Link   Associations Forum
Associations Forum is a membership body, where not-for-profit organisations are members.
  Link   SPEAR
SPEAR is a groundbreaking Internet system, that began in August 2002 as one of the key components of the $24 million Land Exchange program. Land Exchange is part of Land Victoria, a division of the Victorian Government's Department of Sustainability
  Link   Yellow Pages
Searchable database lists more than two million Australian businesses by name, product or service type, as well as by location.
  Link   White Pages allows you to search for a business, locate government departments or simply get in touch with a friend anywhere in Australia.

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