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What Services does a Surveyor Provide?


Services provided by members of the Surveying Profession are many and varied:

Property Boundary Surveys

  • Redefining & marking boundaries - Urban & Rural land
  • Amendment of Title
  • Applications to Amend Title
  • Subdivisions within existing developed areas together with creation of easements, leases, covenants and restrictions on title

Land Subdivision & Management

  • Project Management
  • Planning
  • Feasibility Study
  • Negotiation with relevant authorities
  • Engineering, road drainage and sewer design
  • Completion of the plans for registration of subdivision
  • Marking the boundaries

Surveys for Net Lettable Areas
The method of Measurement for net lettable areas provides a consistent, practical and cost efficient approach to the measurement of commercial buildings. 
Engineering Surveys
Most construction projects require the provision of survey control and continuing activities such as precise setting out of major components and measurement of earthwork quantities.
Consulting Surveyors take the responsibility for these activities in the construction of major buildings, roads, bridges and underground services.

Court Representation
Licensed Surveyors provide expert witness services relating to land boundary definition, planning mattersand development and conveyancing law.
Land/Geographic Information Systems
Surveyors are constantly creating & storing information about the land on which we live. Details about land ownership, land valuation, land usage, topography and services are just a few examples of the vast amount of land-related information currently collected and kept up to date through the administrative functions of the Commonwealth, State and Local Government bodies. The solution to this problem is to bring all of this information together so that it can be easily obtained from one source.
Building & Owners Corporation Subdivisions  
Consulting surveyors are involved in the complete process of preparation and approval of subdivisions involving buildings and owners corporations. This may range from simple dual occupancies to multi storied residential or commercial buildings. Consulting surveyors are also able to prepare the 'Additional Information" required to be submitted to the Titles Office.


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