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What does a Surveyor do?
Surveyors carry out the necessary design, measurements, calculations, plan and document presentation involved in a particular survey.
What sort of Survey do I need?
Consulting Surveyors offer many services and are very experienced so they will most likely be able to determine your needs.
It is also likely that you have been directed to use the services of a Surveyor by a professional such as a Solicitor or Architect and they would direct you as to your requirements.
How do I find the right Surveyor?
You may wish to engage a Surveyor who operates in your geographic area or you can select a surveyor according to the particular service that they provide.
You'll find our handy Find a Surveyor search useful for finding Surveyors in Victoria.
How do I find out if a Surveyor is licensed?
The Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria has a published register of current licensed Surveyors and this can be accessed via Most CSV members are licensed surveyors.
How long will it take for my land to be Surveyed?
This is dependent on the particular site however it is generally subject to the following:

  • The time taken for the relevant Survey information to become available prior to the survey being carried out
  • Weather conditions and site access for field measurements
  • Post processing of collected data
  • Plan preparation and printing
  • Other factors (i.e. Council etc.)

If I am in a dispute with a Surveyor who can I contact?
The Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria has developed methods to deal with disputes relating to professional and ethical matters; however the CSV is prepared to have preliminary discussions in the event of a dispute regarding the conduct of a member firm.
What is CSV?
CSV (Consulting Surveyors Victoria) is a body representing the majority of active Survey Firms in Victoria, operating as a collective voice and professional organisation. Among the functions and aims of the CSV is the desire to see professional survey services carried out to the highest standards.
Who are CSV's Members?
Members of CSV are private practicing firms operating in Victoria who have made a commitment to providing the highest standard of professional service.
Why should I use a Surveyor who is a Member of CSV?
CSV members have access to the services provided by CSV. These services ensure particular Surveyors are informed and conversant with the current requirement and methods to provide the best available service.


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