Eligibility for CSV Membership

Eligibility for CSV Membership


Nature of member firms:

  • a sole practitioner firm; or
  • partnership of two or more individuals; or
  • a company or unit holder in a trust
  • a company that includes consulting surveying within its business; or
  • any other business structure acceptable to the Board.

Member Firm representation:

  • the sole practitioner, or 
  • a partner of the firm, or
  • a director of the company or unit holder in a trust, or
  • a nominated manager within a partnership, company or unit holder in a trust.

Requirements for member firm Representatives:

  • be eligible for Corporate or equivalent membership of the Institution of Surveyors, Victoria or a like body representing surveyors, or hold professional qualifications and/or having business experience acceptable to the Board;
  • spend the greater part of normal business hours in the private practice of surveying and/or related profession;
  • be honest, diligent, efficient, courteous and behave with decorum and propriety in the provision of a service to the public reflecting credit on the profession; and
  • abide by these Rules and support the objects of the Association
  • The Association requires that its Member Firms conform to the Association's Mission Statement which is "The Association is dedicated to the continued development of a prosperous private sector of the surveying profession which provides services of the highest quality for the benefit of Society".

Requirements on Member firms:

  • maintain an appropriate business presence and the name displayed or under which the practice is conducted shall not, in the opinion of the Board, be misleading or objectionable;
  • Hold and maintain a professional indemnity insurance policy satisfactory to the Board and supply proof of such policy to the satisfaction of the Board with each membership application and or subscription;
  • supply proof of such policy to the satisfaction of the Board with each membership application and/or subscription. The requirements of Clause 6.4 (c) of these Rules may, at the discretion of the Board be waived upon the provision to the Board, of evidence satisfactory to the Board that such waiver is in accord with the objects of the Association and in the best interests of the profession of surveying.

Rights of member firm representative:

  • shall have the right to attend any general meeting of the Association, to participate in discussion on any matter brought before the meeting, and to vote; and
  • shall be eligible for election as a member of the Board.   

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