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ACSV Advocacy / Submissions and

Position Papers

Please see below some of the advocacy advice, submissions and position papers that ACSV has submitted on behalf of our members.

Registrars Requirements Submission

Glen Eira RFI 

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council Public Open Space Valuation Fee Updated - November 2022

Surveyors Guide to Sec 27F of Subdivision Act - August 2022

Victorian Planning Authority - May 2022

CRSBANZ - March 2022

Creation of Easements -  Baw Baw Shire - March 2022

Change of legal entity for reserves and easements – Greater Western Water

Yarra Planning Scheme Amendment C286yara

Glen Eira C218glen Amendment Submission

Yarra Planning Scheme Amendment C286yara - October 2021

Darebin City Council - C186dare - October 2021

Wellington Shire Council - October 2021

Owners Corporation Amendment Regulations 2021 - September 2021

Naming Rules Submission

Public Open Space Valuation Fee - Baw Baw Shire - September 2021

NBN - August 2021

Glen Eira City Council Dimension Issue - July 2021

Response to Submission Public Open Space Valuation Fee

Submission Amendment C186dare Darebin Planning Scheme

Submission Public Open Space Valuation Fee

Submission Planning and Building Review

Submission Amendment C148 Monash City Council

Submission Owners Corporation and Other Acts Amendment Bill

Subdivision Plan Amendment Fees

Regulatory Impact Statement for Owners Corporation Regulations 2018

Open Space Requirement for Industrial Subdivision

Improving Stormwater Management Issue Paper:

Section 35 Plans of Subdivision:

Reforming the Victorian Planning Provisions:

Easement Requirements in Plans of Subdivision:

5 Day Plan Registration:

CSV Submission Sale of Land And Business - Options for Reform

Rural Subdivisions Information:

CSV Submission on the Registrar of Titles'

CSV Options for Reform of the Owners Corporation Act 2006

CSV Review of Professional Training Agreements

CSV Changes to recording restrictive covenants on folios Submission

CSV New Local Government Act Directions Paper

CSV Provision of Validated Certified Levels in Flood Prone Areas

  • This letter was also sent to the Ministers of Planning and Local Government

 CSV RIS Submission

 Place (Road) Naming Rules

 Frankston City Council

 Consumer Property Act

 Residential Zones State of Play Submission

Consumer Property Act

Plan Melbourne Refresh

Land Services Strategic Direction

Metropolitan Planning Levy - City of Casey

Metropolitan Planning Levy - Hume City Council

Local Government Act Review

RIS, TLA and Subdivision Fees

Telstra Submission

COGG Letter

Non Survey - Land Victoria

Review of the Guidelines for Geographic Names

Policy for Approval of PTA

Cadastre 2034

Victorian Spatial Information Strategy 2014-2017 Consultation Paper

New Residential Zones 1402 

 North East Water 12(2) 

Stonnington City Council - Amendment C186

Areas on Plans


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